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Resource Library - eLibrary

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Welcome to the Washington Brokerage eLibrary, brought to you by our marketing consortium partner, AimcoR Group. We are pleased to bring you a wealth of tools to streamline and grow your business.  These tools are password -protected for use only by affiliated advisors of Washington Brokerage and AimcorR Group. 

 Access the eLibrary using this Login:

Address: Washington Brokerage Resource Library

Username: wbagent

Password: agent

Here are just some of the tools you will find:

Ask The Doctor:  Underwriting Impairment-Specific Questionnaires

  • When your client discloses a health condition, you’ll want to collect as much information as possible so the experts at WB can prequalify the risk and prepare custom proposals that reflect anticipated pricing.  Our partner, Prudential, has developed an extensive library of impairment questionnaires called “Rx for Success” that include a brief synopsis of the condition and provide a brief list of questions for you to ask your client.  The completed questionnaires can be faxed to WB for preliminary survey of all companies we represent – not just Prudential.
  • To Access:     Login to the eLibrary > Underwriting Tools > and click on “Rx for Success”

Insurance Company and Industry Microsites

  • Company-specific product information

Business Planning

  • White papers and advisor-use materials on topics such as Key Man, Buy-Sell, Deferred Compensation and many others

Retirement Planning

  • Sales ideas on topics such as Roth Alternatives, Annuity Max and Multi-Generational IRAs, and more

Estate Planning

  • Sales ideas and resource materials covering GRATs, ILITs, Private Split Dollar
    and many other concepts

Disclaimer:  Not all companies represented in the AimcoR Group eLibrary are available through WB.  Not all companies, products and sales concepts are approved in all Broker-Dealers. Contact your Broker-Dealer’s compliance department for an approved listing of insurance companies, products, and sales concepts. Member